Just Fix IT. Computer training and tools

Recover lost documents

With my simple tools you will be able to recover missing files.

Reset forgotten password

Reset any ones password by simply booting from a thumb drive and selecting the locksmith wizard.

Restore a deleted partion

Boot from the usb tool and move or recover partitions. Imagine being able to merge your C and D drive and not lose data.

Restore a non booting computer

Is your pc in an endless start and shutdown loop. With my tools you will be able to fix it.

Tools that can fix any PC

In the last 20 years I have collected tools that let me fix any issue.  Most of them are wizard based and are a non brainer.

Once you become a member you will have access to all the tools I use and if you get stuck I am here to help.


One year of support.

  • Recover data
  • Restore operating system
  • Reset passwords
  • Backup support
  • virus removal

Frequently asked questions

How easy will it be?

Once you get access to the downloads links you will see a folder with your operating system.  Download the tool as an iso image and if necessary create a bootable usb device with it.  There are instructions to follow along with in the video section.

What if I need help?

There are training videos to walk you through using the software.

If you get stuck you can contact me and I can help you through it.

Do I need to be a computer expert?

These tools are simple to use and have a wizard so you can select the issue and then the wizard shows you which tool to use.

Aren't you giving up business?

I can't be everywhere and a lot of my clients live a long way from me.

My idea was that people living in rural areas need these tools because it is near impossible to get IT support.

Is this a one time fee.?

It sure is.  You will be a member for a full year and have a full year of support.

If you wish you can renew again but by this time I think you will be a bit of a computer expert and not need any help from me.

If you have any further queries them feel free to contact me.

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